The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network shares evidence-based knowledge gained in collaboration with a leading academic medical center as well as community health systems to empower health organizations to lead the evolution in clinical integration and population health. We bring firsthand experience to launch robust networks across the country with a minimal learning curve while offering valuable solutions from the concept stage through operational maturity. We do this while offering a tailored approach that serves the needs of unique communities.

Our Approach

Each participant in the patient’s experience plays a part in executing a clinical integration strategy. Our approach includes all influencers who affect the patient experience, including clinicians, employers, payors, community resources, and family to focus on the whole person.

Our services:
• Provide health care organizations with the opportunity to control their future
• Enhance the ability to prepare for future care delivery models
• Identify and drive incentive models that engage providers in pursuit of high quality care
• Add increased value to clinician/provider relationships

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