The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network Badge is the primary visual component used to identify and represent the members of the network. The Badge was created to provide an effective way to visually express one consistent message of quality.


These guidelines ensure the network brand maintains its stature, that all services provided by the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network may share in the value of the brand, and that all members may contribute to the brand’s value. Use the guidelines to assist in the preparation of communications materials. Because the logo is the most recognizable element of any corporate communication, it is important that we all use the Badge in a consistent manner.

By adhering to these guidelines, we will also help people understand that all members are part of a larger cause—we are a unified network of quality providers.


The single most important rule governing the Badge is that it may only be used to convey the message of quality.

In the Member Toolkit, you will find guidelines for using the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network Badge. These guidelines are designed to facilitate a consistent and professional application of the Badge. Through uniform application, we ensure that we maximize the impressions made by every communication, thus contributing to the growing awareness and strength of the collaborative brand.


Use of the network Badge is permitted to members only. Agreement to the Terms and Conditions will be required prior to accessing or using the Badge. Individuals who are not members may not use the Badge even if they are a member of a charter or licensed group.

Examples of permitted ways of using the Badge:

  • Individuals or groups using the Badge on their brochure to promote their practice
  • Individuals or groups using the Badge on ads to promote their practice (newspapers, magazines, and websites)
  • Groups using the Badge on flyers promoting services
  • Individuals or groups using the Badge on websites or electronic media promoting their practice

Any other use of the Badge must be approved by the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network’s marketing team. Any unauthorized use of the Badge can result in censure by the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network Board subject to the rules, regulations, and/or policies of the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network Board, as from time to time amended.


For help using the network Badge, contact: