On-site services

We’re here when your employees need us. Our customized services are designed to improve employee health and wellness. Learn more here.

  • Personalized health coaching
    Change can be hard, and making lifestyle changes is no exception. Our network’s personalized health coaching goes way beyond other plans’ phone-based services. Our care coordinators are in our network’s hospitals and medical practices, an active part of the health care team. Whether employees are looking to quit smoking, lose weight, or manage a chronic condition, we’re there every step of the way.
  • Express care
    We can bring express on-site or near-site services to your workplace, making it easy for employees to get a flu shot, health screenings, and more.
  • Telemedicine clinics
    Bringing a doctor to the workplace is easier than you might think, using telemedicine technology. Doctors can review test results and talk with the patient in videoconference. It’s one of many ways we provide quality care.
  • Executive health services
    Protect your leadership team’s health with tailored physicals, screenings, consultations, and more.

Advisory services

We know your employees are your most valuable asset. We can assess your employees’ health risks and identify ways to mitigate them. From designing workplace-based wellness initiatives to choosing screenings during an upcoming health fair, we can help your people and your business thrive.