VHAN Announces 5th Year of Shared Savings

VHAN has announced a $7.5 million shared savings distribution that will be paid to provider members in late 2019. This means that the network has attained health care quality goals that guarantee financial incentives through value-based contracts with insurers. These incentives were achieved thanks to the diligent work of network providers, who have now driven savings for the fifth consecutive year.

This success represents value that network providers achieved in commercial health plan contracts with Aetna and Cigna during 2018. Shared savings are calculated for the prior year once insurance claims have been resolved and performance results have been verified.

Looking ahead, VHAN is implementing new resources that will enable highly coordinated care for patients. For example, new resources such as a centralized VHAN Content Hub help providers quickly access patient education materials as well as tools to improve the quality and value of the care they provide. The network is enhancing data-sharing capabilities between member providers and organizations so that outcomes can be tracked and the care continuum managed more seamlessly. Finally, care for conditions such as low back pain is being improved through the use of Care Paths, which establish evidence-based best practices across the network.

Access Practice Resources on the VHAN Content Hub

VHAN has launched vhanhub.com, a one-stop-shop for resources such as toolkits, patient education materials, webinars and more. If you haven’t signed up for the content hub, please visit the registration page to join.

New content has recently been added to the hub, including the Quality Measures toolkit, which can guide your practice toward fostering a team-based environment focused on addressing patient care opportunities.

6 Ways to Improve Shared Savings

Thanks to practices like yours, we are proud to have achieved five straight years of shared savings. To help make next year’s results even better, follow these tips to make the most of your membership in VHAN.

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Quality Measure Spotlight: Cancer Screenings

Breast and colon cancer screenings are an easy way to ensure patients receive recommended preventive care while satisfying payer quality metrics. Make sure to address any cancer screening gaps in your monthly reports.

Download our cancer screening infographic at the VHAN Content Hub.

QuizTime: Free, Relevant CME

An education app calledQuizTime is offering providers and pharmacists an opportunity to earn CME credits in a few minutes a day. Just join as a system user and enroll in a quiz. You will receive a question a day and have 24 hours to answer, for up to 10 to 20 days. Every question is worth .25 CME credits. Doctors and nurses can sign up today to participate in a quiz on measles.

Sign up for QuizTime here.

2019-2020 Clinical Priorities

VHAN’s long-term vision is to be the region’s highest performing and most preferred integrated network. Over the next several years, this will depend on how well we can make progress in six areas of clinical focus. These priorities will inspire a wide range of tactics that will vary depending on the needs of your community, including performance targets, regional

Learn more about our clinical priorities here.

Join the VHAN Online Community

Your feedback can help guide development of clinical care paths and other important initiatives that can improve the quality of care for your patients.

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