Quality is our top priority.

Our network enables health care providers of all kinds to be successful in delivering population health care by providing the capabilities, professional expertise, legal framework, IT and support resources that enable more cost-effective, coordinated patient care that is truly “health” care, not “sick” care.

Our infrastructure provides support in today’s changing health care environment that helps you deliver top quality care to your patients. We work with your practice to collect quality clinical data and use it to improve patient care and health care efficiency, rewarding providers who meet quality goals.

Rewarding providers for delivering cost-effective health care.

As a provider, you have the power to curb out-of-control health care costs and lead the way as more payers move to value-based reimbursement systems. Our providers benefit from the savings they create through efficient health care, and our network is built around a collaborative shared savings structure that rewards you for quality and efficiency.

VHAN has a track record of effective cost management. We have the people and processes  in place to provide the robust, data-driven insights to make better, more efficient care possible. Our network’s success depends on achieving savings for health plan customers and distributing those savings to participating clinicians and hospitals.

Access for patients.

Our network is built on access to the region’s top doctors and hospitals. Your patients who have health insurance powered by our network have access to thousands of the region’s top providers, more than 60 hospitals, and more than 120 quick care locations.

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