5 Tips for Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

As providers across the country continue to offer COVID-19 vaccines, they will likely start to encounter more vaccine hesitancy among patients. While growing numbers of people have received the vaccine in recent weeks, some feel the need for more information about the vaccine and how it was developed before they are willing to get it.

To build vaccine confidence among your patients, consider the following actions:

  • Listen. Allow time to speak openly with your patients about the vaccines and hear their concerns.
  • Share your experience with the COVID-19 vaccine and explain why you felt comfortable getting it.
  • Provide clear, accurate messages about COVID-19 vaccines. Be prepared to tell your patients about the process for creating, authorizing and monitoring the safety of vaccines. You can learn more about mRNA vaccines here.
  • Empower your staff. Provide education and training about the COVID-19 vaccines to every member of your staff, equipping them to share key messages and mitigate the spread of disinformation.
  • Direct patients to helpful resources. Patients will have many questions about the vaccine. This list of commonly asked questions is helpful to providers, staff members and patients.

The VHAN Hub has dozens of resources about the COVID-19 vaccines, including a new subsection for materials related to vaccine confidence and a recording of the COVID-19 Vaccine Town Hall that answers many common questions. Click the button below to visit the Hub and access materials that will help you and your staff increase vaccine confidence in your area.

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