VHAN Leadership

VHAN is governed by a board of directors and committees made up of members and supported by VHAN staff. We give our members a seat at the table to make sure their voice is heard when we plan network solutions, quality goals and learning opportunities.

Regional Clinical Alignment

VHAN strives to meet the needs of each community we serve. Our regional operating committees ensure that regional needs align to the network’s clinical and business strategies.

Clinical Operating Leadership Teams (COLTs)

COLTs are health system and practice leadership forums that drive clinical performance initiatives across their respective region.


Regional Medical Directors (RMDs) and Network Operations Directors (NODs)

RMDs are community-based physicians employed by VHAN to drive performance initiatives and support practices and providers within a designated region. RMDs work with a VHAN Network Operations Director who coordinates support services from central VHAN operations.


Physician Leadership Council (PLC)

VHAN’s Regional Medical Directors (RMDs) are part of the PLC, a forum for clinical best practice sharing and development of clinical execution strategies for both adult and pediatric patient populations specific to the region and community.

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