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The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN) is a clinically integrated network that benefits providers, employers, patients, brokers and health plans, all working together to create healthier communities. Fill out the Inquiry Form to connect with a VHAN representative, or keep reading to learn more about the benefits of provider membership.

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Benefits of Membership

Our member-led network of independent providers, health systems and hospitals champions healthier communities through effective teamwork, continuous improvement and data-driven care.

With a strong focus on preventive health needs, VHAN provides many ways to engage and connect with your peers to drive positive change and improve the health of your practice, system and community.
Here’s what that means for you:

Quality Care

Quality Care

VHAN providers show improved patient outcomes and a dedication to coordinated care for complex medical conditions.


Enhanced Support

VHAN provides patients with support programs including medication management, behavioral health and educational tools.


Data-Driven Insights

VHAN providers have access to custom data and resources to meet quality measures and identify gaps in care, helping patients meet health goals.


VHAN Hub Access

Members have access to toolkits, coding guides, patient education materials and webinars that support quality and cost initiatives.



VHAN provides opportunities to improve members’ knowledge and efficiency through best practice sharing including discussion boards, committees and more.


Continuous Learning

VHAN facilitates webinars, discussion boards and other learning opportunities on timely topics, including COVID-19 vaccine education, important coding changes, pediatric anxiety and more.

The Network Effect

The aligned efforts of VHAN members and staff have consistently produced market-leading results. Every year, we have outperformed the expected cost trend for our market, by an average of 2.5% per year. While financial results absolutely matter, we are focused on the high-quality clinical outcomes that drive cost savings.

What Can VHAN Do for Me?

Working Together to Transform Healthcare

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