VHAN offers a robust set of capabilities that work together to create value for members, employers, brokers, health plans and the patients we all serve. We provide support to help lower costs and improve quality, encourage team-based care, and boost the health and productivity of workforces. 

VHAN Solutions

Strengthening the Communities We Call Home

VHAN strives to transform community health by offering free, accessible resources to provider members and patients in our communities. Contact us today to learn about other ways VHAN can support you. 

Well Moment

This program provides a space for patients and families to learn more about and discuss current health and wellness issues.

Provider Support

VHAN offers resources to help health care workers manage stress and anxiety and deal with high levels of burnout.

Care Extension

VHAN’s Care Navigation solutions extend clinical impact by providing holistic support to patients between office visits. VHAN’s team reaches out on behalf of each practice to offer tailored support to patients.
The proactive outreach focuses on: 

Supporting transitions of care to prevent readmissions, leveraging real-time notifications of admissions, discharges and transfers from acute care settings 

Improving management of chronic conditions 

Helping patients with complex concerns avoid catastrophic events 

Assisting patients who need behavioral health support or have preventive health opportunities 

Supporting patients who need assistance with chronic medication management and medication compliance


From IT and data to business and financial operations, our ongoing support for practices includes:

Data Delivery

Actionable delivery of patient opportunities based on specific quality measures and payor relationships.

Quality Improvement

Dashboards that track quality measure improvement while comparing each practice’s performance to VHAN as a whole.

Woman with charts and form

Care Enablement

VHAN supports member providers and practice staff by offering education, CME training, process improvement coaching, peer-to-peer learning and tangible resources.

Tailored Support

Our dedicated quality team partners with practices to answer questions, review patient opportunities and implement new, performance-enhancing processes.

Tools at Your Fingertips

VHAN Hub is a digital library for accessing clinical and patient resources, including toolkits, patient education materials, webinars and more.

Nurses at work

Across the Continuum of Care

Meeting Patients Where They Are

VHAN delivers personalized, high-quality care to our patients, focusing on:

Wellness Goals

where patients get help with diabetes prevention, smoking cessation and preventive screenings

In-Patient Settings

where patients seek acute care for an emergent health need

Outpatient Settings

where patients need support managing chronic diseases and behavioral health needs

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