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By focusing on decreasing the unnecessary utilization of health care services, we’re improving patient outcomes and driving down the total cost of care. In the past year, we’ve made great strides in lowering readmissions and ensuring patients receive quality, appropriate post-acute care.


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Key Initiatives

Focusing on Utilization

VHAN’s focus on utilization includes two key areas: ED utilization and readmissions, and post-acute care.  Use the buttons or continue scrolling to find more information on each topic below.



Focus Area: Utilization

ED Utilization and Readmissions

Why It Matters

Too often, emergency departments serve as a safety net or alternative when physicians are unavailable to patients, including those who are insured and uninsured. These non-emergency visits typically result in lower quality, more expensive and wasteful care. And EDs typically can’t offer preventive and education services that can reduce the need for care in the future. VHAN members are committed to developing new strategies and processes to reduce ED overutilization and improve care transitions to lower readmissions. Plus, our VHAN ER Toolkit, written for VHAN medical practice members, offers resources to help patients avoid ED use.

ED utilization decreased from 38% to 31% and potentially impactable ED costs dropped 33% in 2021.

The Goal of ED Utilization and Readmissions

Helping practices increase access for patients while offering options for emergent care needs.


Post-Acute Care

Why It Matters

Post-acute care is a growing and essential health and social service, accounting for more than $2.7 trillion spent on personal health care, according to the American Hospital Association. Ensuring appropriate utilization of post-acute services such as home health, long-term care, skilled nursing facilities and inpatient rehabilitation can lead to improved quality and an overall reduction in the total cost of care.


See a few Post-Acute Care successes below. 

New SNF Affiliates

Added new SNFs as ACO and VHAN affiliates to support shared quality and utilization goals

Approved for Medicare

Received approval for a Medicare 3-day SNF for Connected Care of Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee

Improved Portals

Increased access to skilled nursing facility EMR and HIPAA-compliant messaging portals

New Care Program

Standardized our approach for outreach to patients and SNF staff throughout the Transitions of Care program

Discharge Planning

Participated in collaborative discharge planning with inpatient rehab facility and SNF partners

Post-Acute Services

Facilitated referrals, SNF waivers and other post-acute care needs for patients at home or receiving PAC services

Post-Acute Key Initiative

Acute Care Outreach Team

In May 2022, VHAN established a new acute care outreach team for Connected Care of Middle Tennessee Medicare ACO patients. The outreach team helps increase communication between acute care teams and ambulatory care providers and care management teams. The focus is on readmission reduction and leveraging post-acute care services to help meet patient goals.

The Goal of Post-Acute Care

Ensuring appropriate utilization of post-acute services can lead to improved quality and an overall reduction in the total cost of care.

Social Work Team

Patients in need of care often face social and emotional barriers to health improvement. And sometimes these barriers don’t come up during doctor visits. VHAN’s Social Work Team partners with patients, families and care teams to identify all the factors that come into play when patients are making decisions. The goal is for patients to feel seen, heard and safe to bring up their concerns.

VHAN Member Resources

Related to Stories of Utilization

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ER Toolkit

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VHAN Social Work

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