VHAN Leadership

VHAN is governed by a board of directors and committees made up of members and supported by VHAN staff. We give our members a seat at the table to make sure their voice is heard when we plan network solutions, quality goals and learning opportunities.

Pediatric Clinical Advisory Committee (PCAC)

The Pediatric Clinical Advisory Committee is composed of practicing VHAN pediatricians who work to set the clinical agenda for the Pediatric Region. This group meets bimonthly to review quality and utilization data, share best practices, and discuss opportunities for VHAN to collaborate with practices and provide value.

Meg Benningfield, MD

Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Mary Keown, MD

Pediatric Associates of Davidson County

Michael Ladd, MD

Green Hills Pediatrics Associates
Susan Langone

Susan Langone, MD

Nurture Pediatrics

Barron Patterson, MD

Vanderbilt Children's Primary Care

Elizabeth Pierce, MD

VHAN/Rivergate Pediatrics

Alice Rothman, MD

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Di’Net Sintim-Amoah, MD

Premier Medical Group

Austin Whitaker, MD

Heritage Medical Associates
Catherine Wiggleton

Catherine Wiggleton, MD

VIP Midsouth Children's Clinic, Hendersonville
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