Brentwood Pediatrics Helps Demystify Care for Young Adults

Young patients who turn 18 are suddenly forced to fend for themselves in a complex health care system, which can lead to confusion, frustration and gaps in health care. Stacy Kellum, practice manager at VHAN member Brentwood Pediatrics in Brentwood, Tennessee, decided to take a proactive approach to closing the gap.

“This was an issue where we as a practice said, ‘We need to make sure that these patients transition to an adult provider,’” Kellum says. “In the past it was, ‘You need a new provider, pick one, goodbye.’ Our focus now is on making sure that we’re not just dumping these patients without any direction.”

A Comprehensive Transition Resource

Kellum and her team went to work on a comprehensive transition packet, designed to inform and educate young patients and their parents on how best to prepare for the transition to an adult PCP. The packet contains letters for both young patients and their parents outlining what to expect and how to prepare for the upcoming change.

It also includes information about taking medications, filling prescriptions, navigating health insurance, understanding HIPAA regulations and handling health emergencies. The practice pulls it all into one convenient printed resource that both patients and parents can keep on hand for reference.

An Emphasis on Conversation

Brentwood Pediatrics encourages physicians to listen to their young patients’ needs and have open conversations with them to help demystify health care.

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