A Clearer View Into Patient Health Needs

Members have told us they often struggle to access and organize patient data from seemingly endless sources. So, in 2023 we are implementing One Point, our new population health management platform that puts actionable quality and performance metrics at their fingertips, providing a clearer, more up-to-date view into a patient’s health needs. It helps our providers aggregate, analyze and act to drive transformative, value-based care.

OnePoint connects to your EHR with added functionality to operate in the background, with “no touch” pop-up notifications that yield helpful intelligence without additional clicks. It improves insights at the point of care, eliminates clinician pre- work and provides a full patient view that a singular EHR may not.

A Round-the-Clock Tool to Improve Care

The system gives around-the-clock access to timely patient information. Our desktop app shows when and where patients received care, including ER visits and hospital admissions. Smart alerts pinpoint areas to improve patient care and identify patients with gaps in care, including those who need follow-up and care management programs. It also enables more patients to receive preventive care at affordable costs. Pop-up notifications improve patient communications.

OnePoint gives members customized automated progress reports, PCP scorecards and performance benchmarks, including data insights on the individual patient and comprehensive levels. It optimizes performance in value-based contracts, increasing opportunities for shared savings by improving performance.

Boosting Efficiency for Practices

What’s more, OnePoint reduces work for staff through more effective workflows and greater team efficiencies, aligning everyone across the continuum of care. It allows team members to spend less time on administration and more time on higher-value patient care tasks.

Our dedicated success team supports platform implementation, from EHR integration to training, with the least amount of disruption possible. OnePoint delivers the data our members need on demand to meet and exceed quality and performance goals.

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