Payors Offer Colon Cancer Screening FIT Tests for MA Patients

VHAN is committed to sharing payor resources and patient outreach opportunities available to your practice. Aetna Medicare Advantage (MA) and Cigna Medicare Advantage (MA) have recently engaged with patients who are due for a colorectal cancer screening, to help improve preventive cancer screening rates during the pandemic. Levering their patient data and vendor partnerships, Aetna MA and Cigna MA are offering colon cancer screening FIT test kits to eligible patients at no additional cost to patients or providers.*

Patients who opt-in will receive a FIT test kit in the mail with instructions on how to properly complete the test, submit the sample and receive and interpret results. Both providers and patients will receive notifications of lab results via phone and mail. While there is no action to complete at this time, please be on the lookout for any FIT test kit results you may receive for your patients. If you would like a report of patients who received FIT test kits from Aetna MA or Cigna MA, email  

*If a patient opts to schedule a colonoscopy or further screening after completing the FIT test, additional costs may apply.

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