VHAN Focuses on Diabetes Care Management

VHAN Care Management offers focused programs to help patients better manage their diabetes and meet their health goals. This includes ongoing support of patients with complex needs and diabetes as well as a dedicated 12-week “Living Well with Diabetes” program for patients with a new diagnosis or who could benefit from education and supplement tools.

Once a provider refers a patient to the Care Management Program, that patient is connected to a dedicated care navigator, who can answer their health questions and connect them to resources available through VHAN, their physician and the community. In the past year, the program has added digital patient experiences to its toolbox of support. Each patient receives a series of emails with helpful information on preventive care and cancer screenings, details on how and where to access care, and tips for a healthier lifestyle.

The program also has a specialized subgroup supporting patients with diabetes. VHAN Care Navigators help patients self manage their condition, effectively implement their care plan and live their best life. Patients with diabetes are triaged and given added support in-between doctor visits to help ensure they have what they need to manage their diabetes, receive recommended screenings and reach therapeutic targets. The program also features digital workbooks and resources to support patients along the way.

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To refer a patient to the VHAN Living Well With Diabetes program, VHAN members can call (615) 936-2828 or fill out this form

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