About Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network (VHAN)

A trusted partner for high-quality, high-value healthcare.

We are a collaborative alliance of physicians, health systems, and employers driving a new level of clinical innovation and teamwork to enhance patient care, contain costs and improve the health of communities in Tennessee and surrounding states.

By transforming care delivery, improving health and productivity, and driving innovation, we’ve developed the formula for effectively managing the total cost of care. As a result, our model delivers high value reducing healthcare costs.

Access to Top Doctors and Hospitals Statewide

Our statewide network offers access to primary care doctors as well as specialists who can treat and help prevent health issues ranging from colds and broken bones to the most complex and rare diseases. We also offer access to a wide range of pediatric providers, including the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt as well as several pediatric after-hours clinics. Finally, patients can access more than 120 Quick Care clinics across the state for urgent care needs.

How We’re Different

  • Coordination: Our providers are committed to working together and coordinating your employees’ care. We share clinical best practices across the network, enabling high-quality care as well as sustained cost control.
  • Incentives: Participating providers are rewarded when they improve the health of their patients and communities while also improving the experience and efficiency of care. In short, doctors and hospitals are rewarded for keeping patients healthy, rather than billing for unnecessary services.
  • Clinical Programs: We provide enhanced focus and attention to preventive care to keep your employees healthy. We also provide access to free clinical programs like diabetes management, smoking cessation and medication management. In addition, we can provide extra support if your employees are hospitalized or need help navigating a complicated diagnosis.


It’s time to take back control of your company’s healthcare costs.

Quality is Our Top Priority

Our network only includes providers and health systems who are committed to high standards of quality. Our members collaborate to deliver great care while reducing inefficiency, which results in controlled costs for the employer health plans we serve.

Statewide Access to Top Doctors and Hospitals

With thousands of providers covering a wide range of specialties in our network, your employees have a wide range of choices for care close to work and home. Our network includes hospitals, physician practices, clinics and post-acute care facilities across Tennessee and surrounding states.


Are you a health plan or insurance carrier?
No, we are a physician-led network of providers, health systems and employers working together to provide communities with better healthcare across the Southeast. We work with health plans to provide employees with access to our network.
Tell your broker that you would like to select a health plan with access to the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network or contact us to learn more.
What hospitals and doctors are part of VHAN?
Our network includes more than 6,700 clinicians, more than 60 hospitals and 13 health systems across the state. To see what hospitals are in network, click here. To find a specific doctor,click here.
How do I set up access to VHAN for my employees?
Tell your broker that you would like to select a health plan with access to the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network or contact us to learn more.

Ready to put VHAN to work for your organization? Contact us.