Out-of-control healthcare costs are hurting your company’s bottom line. We are the only network in the region with the robust provider engagement, infrastructure, and coverage necessary to offer value-based healthcare on a large scale. We’re able to be such a broad, high-performing network because we have the right partners at the table, including major national insurance carriers.

We have a track record of excellent quality performance, with the people and processes in place to make better, more efficient care possible. We also have a portfolio of wellness programs and resources to support employee health at a lower cost.

Quality is our top priority.

Our network was created by doctors to advance a vision of high quality, patient-centered healthcare in communities across Tennessee. Quality has been the key to our success. Providing great patient care and related resources keeps people healthier, ultimately keeping costs low.

Our network’s physician leaders establish quality improvement initiatives and reinforce quality standards. Physicians and hospitals collaborate to deliver great care while reducing inefficiency, using data to evaluate provider performance and make constant improvements. Each practice and facility must meet and maintain our stringent quality standards.

Access to top doctors and hospitals across the region.

With thousands of providers covering a wide range of specialties in our network, your employees have a wide range of choices for care close to work and home.

We offer a full range of conveniently located adult and pediatric specialists and sub-specialists. Participating providers see patients in independent practices, urgent care centers, walk-in clinics, retail locations, after-hours clinics, and top hospitals across the region. Our personalized care coordination programs can support your employees with chronic or complex care needs in reaching health goals and managing conditions.