Member Perk: VHAN’s Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line 

VHAN’s Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line offers primary care providers a real-time phone consultation by a licensed clinical social worker to help manage patients’ mental health needs. Shannon Brown, LCSW, answers some FAQs below: 

Who is the Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line for? 

The consult line is a great support to primary care providers who are managing mild to moderate mental health needs in their outpatient clinics. We provide real-time phone consultation for specialty resources, medication management and safety planning for patients experiencing mental or behavioral health difficulties. The service can help your patients connect to outpatient care in a timely manner, and often helps them avoid unnecessary emergency department visits or hospital stays.  

How do VHAN providers use the line? 

A VHAN provider can call the consult line any time during normal business hours: Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. We rely on the provider’s assessment to develop a recommendation for the patient’s care plan. A clinical social worker will answer the line, and a Vanderbilt psychiatrist is also available to help as needed—usually within the same day. Please note: The VHAN Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line is not a substitute for calling the crisis line when necessary. 

Can patients use the consult line? 

No, patients cannot use the line, and this number should not be given to patients. However, if you have a patient who seems to keep falling through the cracks, the licensed clinical social worker staffing the line can help the patient directly with care coordination and referrals. 

Can the consult line be used for any patient? 

Yes, providers can use the service for any patient regardless of payor. This is a core benefit for VHAN members who need extra support helping patients address mental health concerns.  

VHAN members can access the Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line by calling (615) 421–2497. The service is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT. To share this information with your practice, download the information card and distribute as needed.  

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