The Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network is a physician-led alliance of providers and health systems driving a new level of innovation and teamwork to enhance patient care, contain costs and improve the health of communities in Tennessee and surrounding states.

We use a collaborative approach to support providers and healthcare organizations in the evolution to value-based care. We empower our participating hospitals and physicians with the structure and incentives to collaborate in ways that improve the health of their employees, patients, and communities. Our network is built on a collaborative, shared savings structure that rewards providers for quality and efficiency.

We also have a robust pediatric program, thanks to the participation of Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and hundreds of pediatric providers.

How does the network benefit providers?

We have a successful track record of delivering quality and value. Our approach is working for more than 300,000 patients. When you participate in our network, your practice can benefit in the following ways:

  • Shared savings rewards: The network offers providers an opportunity to share in the value they create by providing high-quality care.
  • Evidence-based quality standards: By participating in the network, providers can be a part of quality programs founded on evidence-based medicine in collaboration with leading regional medical centers.
  • A voice in decision-making: We are the largest provider-organized network in the region. From the practice level to network-wide executive committees and hospital leadership, physicians set the course for the organization.
  • Continued independence: When you join us, you will still be independent. Your practice will benefit from the learning and collaboration with 13 health systems from Memphis to Johnson City, as well as more than 60 hospitals and thousands of providers.
  • Physician-centered care coordination: Our care coordination programs are run in collaboration with physicians, not as stand-alone phone-based services. We offer face-to-face services with the patient in the hospital, physician practice, or at home.

See why the region’s top providers are participating in our network.