Reducing ED Utilization for Migraines

Migraines are a leading reason for avoidable ED visits across VHAN commercial health plans. The American Migraine Foundation found that fewer than 5% of patients who suffer from migraines have been seen by a health care provider, received an accurate diagnosis and obtained appropriate care. Using payor data, VHAN identifies patients with migraines who could benefit from pharmacist outreach and expertise. Triptans were added to Therapeutic Alternative Program (TAP) to support cost effective prescribing of migraine therapies.

Additionally, new migraine workflows were incorporated into VHAN’s care management platforms, and My Headache Journal was developed by VHAN in collaboration with experts at VUMC Neurology. The journal describes the causes of migraines and offers patients tips for preventing and treating them. Patients can also use the helpful resource to keep track of their headaches so they are more aware of triggers and the success of various treatments.

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