Special Offer From Aetna Whole Health

Aetna’s co-branded high performing network product, Aetna Whole Health-TN, is gaining popularity among employers across state. Employers are attracted to the strong price-point and the clinically integrated network featuring VHAN providers like you. Now, Aetna is offering VHAN members the chance to provide Aetna products to your staff members at a discounted rate.

Groups with 2-100 Eligible Employees: Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA)
AFA is a level-funded product with attractive features such as a shared surplus return, the Attain app for Apple watches and reporting not typically afforded to smaller groups. Through September 1, 2021, effective dates, VHAN practices with a minimum of 5 enrolled employees will receive a one-time administrative fee credit of $300 per employee if they purchase medical products using our Aetna Whole Health-TN or national network offerings.

Groups with 101-5,000 Eligible Employees
Aetna offers fully insured, AFA and self-funded Administrative Services Only (ASO) products for practices in this size segment. Through January 1, 2022, effective dates, VHAN practices will receive a 2% discount to fully insured, AFA or ASO pricing if they purchase medical products using Aetna Whole Health-TN or national network offerings.

For more information about how your VHAN membership can help you save on Aetna products, contact your health insurance agent or Courtney Marlowe at marlowec@aetna.com or (704) 621-7166.

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