Vanderbilt MyHealth Bundles Attracts New Patients, Grows VHAN Through Innovation

VHAN practices can only adopt population health strategies and participate effectively in value-based care when a sufficient proportion of their patient base is included in such contracts. The more we grow our lives under contract as a network, the more we can innovate on behalf of our community to create new ways of delivering and financing health care.  

Innovation is key to growth. The Vanderbilt MyHealth Bundles program is an innovative way to attract new patients and has succeeded in expanding the network. Here are two stories of how bundles have improved patient care and enabled cost savings for patients and providers. 

Jessie and Maria were both pregnant and in need of better care experience than provided by traditional maternity care. 

Jesse was expecting her second child, but her enthusiasm was being overshadowed by negative experiences from her previous pregnancy that she described as “truly awful.” While under the care of a provider outside the VHAN network, she reported that she only saw her nurse and could never access her doctor. The drastic lack of communication created a lot of anxiety and distrust in the process for Jessie. 

Maria and her husband were expecting their first child. They were also struggling financially. Both had been reduced to part-time hours at work. Money was tight, and the couple was having trouble paying rent, much less saving up for the expense of a new baby. They weren’t sure they even had a feasible option for having their child. 

Both Jessie and Maria found the entire pregnancy and birth experience more enjoyable by participating in the MyMaternityHealth bundle program, which redefines how maternity care is delivered and financed. 

For Jessie, the concierge-level service and highly personalized care she received made her feel much more comfortable. She had such a great experience that she started recruiting her friends to enroll in the bundle.  

For Maria and her husband, when they discovered that their employer was covering ALL their expenses through the bundle, they broke down into tears as they asked, “What’s the catch?” 

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