VHAN 2019 Shared Savings & Quality Results

Thanks to you and the efforts of your fellow network members, VHAN has accomplished several notable feats that show the positive quality and cost impacts we can have when we work together to improve health and strengthen communities.

For the second year in a row, VHAN achieved 100% performance for all Aetna contracted quality measure targets during the 2019 performance year. In addition, VHAN’s performance actually exceeded Aetna’s national standards in several measures.

Reaching 100% of our quality targets also means that VHAN will receive 100% of the shared savings it achieved on its Aetna contracts for calendar year 2019. This performance with Aetna patients, combined with the results VHAN members achieved for United patients, enabled the VHAN Board to recently approve the largest distribution amount for incentive payments to member organizations in network history.

Because of members like you who work tirelessly to proactively support patient care needs, VHAN will be distributing nearly $13 million in performance bonuses from Aetna, United and Humana contracts to its provider members from their outstanding performance in 2019. These results mean VHAN has achieved its sixth straight year of shared savings distributions to members and health plans.

In other good news, Aetna has decided to use VHAN’s 100% performance in 2019 as its 2020 performance results in recognition of the challenges COVID-19 has created for member organizations. This ensures VHAN will again receive 100% of the shared savings it achieves in 2020 to then distribute to member organizations.

These incredible achievements are important signs that the dedication and hard work of our VHAN member organizations have real value and impact on patients, families, and communities. They also show how the collaborative environment among VHAN members and our shared pursuit of quality improvement efforts support better patient care and outcomes.

Knowing our 2020 performance results in advance creates a tremendous opportunity to double-down on our efforts to ensure quality remains a top priority for VHAN. Aetna is transitioning their quality program to better align with national benchmarks and will be using HEDIS measure definitions for consistency and transparency. Additionally, Aetna has started providing data analytics support to help identify performance opportunities, and VHAN members have an opportunity to learn and apply best practices in 2020 that will ensure continued performance results in 2021.

Many network members have shared their success stories about how they have cultivated a culture of team-based, continuous quality improvement by leveraging member resources, such as clinical toolkits, patient education materials, and care path guides. Their best practices are detailed throughout case studies, webinars, podcasts, and other materials available at VHANHub.com.

To learn more about the basics of shared savings and how your organization can drive improvement efforts that may lead to shared savings, click here to access the shared savings webinar. We will share updates as distribution dates are finalized. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at info@vhan.com.

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