VHAN Helps Pediatricians Improve Depression Screenings

In 2019, when we began measuring annual depression screenings for children 12 and older, 18% of practices received a score of zero for depression screening, and only 35% screened more than 90% of their eligible VHAN patients for depression.

To improve our performance, VHAN licensed clinical social workers met with practices to promote our social work program and the benefits of using the pediatric behavioral health consult line.

Dramatic Improvement in Scores

As a result, by 2021, no VHAN members received a score of zero for depression screening, and 46% of practices screened 90% of their VHAN patients for depression. Depression screenings during checkups for patients 12 and older averaged 92%.

These results showcase how our members can use VHAN tools and services to improve patient care. These include pediatric resources related to anxiety, eating disorders and ADHD; webinars and online training to assist clinicians in providing better mental health care; and information about the pediatric and adult behavioral health consult lines.

Network members can learn more at VHANHub.com/pediatrics.

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