VHAN Members Participate in Innovative Primary Care First Payment Model

VHAN is pleased to recognize members who are participating in the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Primary Care First payment model (PCF). 

PCF offers an innovative payment structure to support the delivery of advanced primary care. The PCF model prioritizes the relationship between clinicians and patients, enhancing care for patients with complex needs and focusing financial incentives on improved health outcomes. VHAN members participating in this arrangement are:

  • America’s Family Doctors, PLLC
  • Gallatin Family Practice
  • Riverview Gordonsville Family Wellness
  • Sumner Carthage Family Wellness
  • Sumner Gallatin Family Wellness
  • Sumner Fairvue Family Wellness
  • Sumner Station Family Wellness
  • Sumner Weatherstone Family Wellness
  • St.Thomas Medical Group
  • Vanderbilt Hillsboro Medical Group
  • Vanderbilt Primary Care Bellevue
  • Vanderbilt Primary Care North One Hundred Oaks
  • Vanderbilt Primary Care South One Hundred Oaks

Thank you to all of our members who work hard to participate in innovative payment programs and initiatives—your hard work and dedication continues to make our network successful.

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