VHAN Pharmacy Resources for the Year Ahead

If one of your practice’s goals is to improve your medication management processes, let VHAN assist in that quest. In addition to helping your patients with medication management and reducing the demand on staff, the VHAN pharmacy services team has an array of resources to make prescribing and monitoring medications easier. Here are a few tools on the VHAN Hub that you can use today:

Prescriber Opportunity Reports and Resources: This video takes an in-depth look at the network’s therapeutic alternatives program (TAP), which helps practices identify prescribing opportunities.

Prescribing for Value: This pocket guide for prescribers outlines therapeutic alternatives to high-cost medications. It’s easy to order new cards at this link.

What You Need to Know About Continuous Glucose Monitoring: This digital brochure details appropriate candidates for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), coverage issues and cost, pros and cons of CGM, and guidelines for prescribing CGM and monitoring CGM reports.

To learn more about VHAN’s pharmacy services or browse additional resources, visit the VHAN Hub pharmacy section.
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