VHAN Social Work Team Supports Patients and Caregivers

Social work is an integral part of VHAN’s Care Management team, providing a direct connection to patients and caregivers. Social workers help identify and remove barriers that limit patients’ access to health care and provide access to resources and services that improve patients’ ability to care for themselves at home. 

This was the case with a 64-year-old patient who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and several other conditions, including urinary tract infections that caused a hospitalization. After discharge, the patient moved in with her daughter and husband, but she still needed more help to manage her health at home. That’s when VHAN’s Social Work team stepped in.  

Lending Caregivers a Hand 
Faced with her mother’s declining health, the patient’s daughter quickly began to feel overwhelmed. VHAN’s Social Work team jumped in to help, providing education to the daughter and helping her to identify and manage rising stress levels and mood changes due to her new role as a caregiver. A social worker also provided guidance on completing practical tasks, including obtaining a medical power of attorney and handicap placard, and putting an advanced directive in place. 

Before long, the daughter relied on the social worker to provide emotional support and answer difficult questions, including ones about end-of-life care. As the patient’s health declined, the social worker provided ongoing support to the daughter and referred the patient to a neurologist who could assess and treat her worsening symptoms. Thanks to VHAN’s Social Work team, the patient and daughter had a broad network of support, as well as ongoing education to help them deal with acute symptoms and palliative care.  

Work With VHAN’s Care Management Team 
As a part of your membership, VHAN’s Care Management team provides holistic support to patients between office visits. Your practice’s dedicated Care Navigator—partnering with VHAN’s interdisciplinary clinical team—engages patients and their caregivers to better meet their unique needs. We help you respond to the increasing demands of patient care, while improving team satisfaction and easing burnout. 

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