VHAN Tools Provide Critical Post-Pandemic Behavioral Health Support

To help our members connect patients with the behavioral health support they need, VHAN continues to provide new tools and connections to community resources.

Our first Project ECHO, “Managing Mild to Moderate Depression in Primary Care,” focused on educating pediatricians about depression and giving them mental health resources tailored to young patients. Plans call for another Project ECHO program on a similar topic in 2023.

More Consults for Providers

Our Pediatric Behavioral Health Consult Line fielded more than 1,500 calls in 2021-2022, and our Behavioral Health face-to- face consults grew from 43 in 2021 to 60 in 2022. Calls to the consult line help providers prescribe medications and shorten psychiatric evaluation wait times for pediatric patients who need immediate assistance.

Our Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line launched its pilot in 2022 with more than 35 consults completed to date. Our staff helps develop behavioral health care plans, assists with level- of-care determinations, helps with safety planning, navigates strategic resources and referrals, and conducts direct follow- up and care coordination with families. We can also schedule medication and diagnostic consultations with an adult psychiatrist as needed.

Network members can access the Pediatric Behavioral Health Consult Line on VHAN Hub.

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