VHANtage Point Discussion Group Yields Best Practices for Cancer Screening

Many have sounded the alarm about the startling drop in preventive cancer screenings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This drop is so significant that the National Cancer Institute models show a potential for as many cancer-related deaths as COVID-19 deaths in the next five years.

This past month we launched our inaugural VHANtage Point online forum to help address this issue. Over the span of two weeks, participants from all over our wide-reaching network asked questions and shared lessons learned as they work to motivate patients to schedule their preventive cancer screenings.

Some key takeaways from our discussion:

  • Make the call. Patients respond best when they are initially contacted with a personal phone call.
  • Think about your tone and delivery. Patients are more likely to respond positively when the tone is conversational rather than overly formal.  
  • Don’t let the initial phone call be your final point of contact. Send a mailer or email to follow up with patients and offer additional information.
  • Be innovative with your outreach. Experiment with different avenues to connect. Whether it’s telehealth visits or direct mail, consider patients’ needs and the ways you can meet them where they are.
  • Focus on the positive. Place the emphasis on how early detection through preventive screenings can save lives. 

Our VHANtage Point forum on preventive cancer screenings wasn’t the last chance you’ll have to collaborate with other providers and practices via our new online tool. Claim your seat for our next discussion to gain insights on how to grow your practice and be on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation. Together, we can build a stronger network that benefits all of our patients. Sign up for VHANtage Point today.

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