cinOur team has firsthand experience founding, advising, and operating clinically integrated networks (CINs) across the Southeast. We tailor plans for clients that reflect the needs of their regions and communities. Our experience can help your organization adapt to value-based care models with minimal disruption and delay. Because access to capital is often a limiting factor in building and sustaining a clinically integrated network, we also develop strategies that leverage existing capabilities to reduce initial capital requirements.

Network Formation

We build successful networks. Our expertise translates to proven yet flexible methods for advising healthcare organizations of all sizes in population health and clinical integration. Our proprietary clinical integration maturity framework can accurately assess your organization’s structure, resources, and vision to form a basis for strategic planning. Our services include:

  • Identifying competitive challenges
  • Evaluating CIN readiness according to our proven model
  • Reviewing and optimizing benefit design
  • Identifying value propositions
  • Creating a master clinical integration strategy

Network Development

Building a network of clinicians and locations is a critical component of developing an integrated network. We offer services for designing networks, implementing strategic plans and standing up capabilities and network functions. This includes approaches for how to engage clinicians in network governance, design and implementation. We can help your organization:

  • Implement a CIN master strategy
  • Plan and execute benefit design improvements
  • Assist in vendor selection
  • Develop governance structure and network participation agreements
  • Implement IT and infrastructure upgrades
  • Develop clinical programs
  • Create and implement shared savings programs

Network Operations

We believe networks must be clinician-led and administratively managed. Creating a paired leadership model requires careful planning and development, and we have walked through this process with multiple networks. We also serve as a managed services organization (MSO) for networks who prefer to rely on our expertise for strategic planning, executive leadership, and high-level operations. We can help your organization:

  • Manage network operations
  • Optimize and manage clinical programs
  • Develop employer programs and services
  • Implement shared savings plans
  • Plan and implement technology improvements