Quality and Clinical Program Development

Impact Focus Area

Network members are committed to improving the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Quintuple Aim of health care, a framework which seeks to improve patient care experiences, improve the health of populations, reduce costs, improve team satisfaction, and most recently added—advance health equity. VHAN’s quality and clinical initiatives are evolving to best meet the needs of the patients we serve, while also supporting clinicians and caregivers.


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Key Initiatives

Focusing on Quality and Clinical Program Development

On this page you will find stories of how VHAN’s quality and clinical initiatives are evolving to best meet the needs of the patients we serve, while also supporting clinicians and caregivers. Use the buttons or continue scrolling to find more information on each topic below.

Focus Area: Quality and Clinical Program Development


Why It Matters

The role of pharmacy is critical to improving care experiences and outcomes. Helping patients access the medication they need and encouraging appropriate usage can reduce health risks, lower the cost of care, and improve overall quality of life. Pharmacists are a vital part of team-based approaches to care, and VHAN is developing new programs that bring pharmacy services and expertise to clinicians and patients.

Several pharmacy resources have been created to support members and can be found at the bottom of this page.

New Antibiotic Stewardship Program

New program helps ensure appropriate usage of antibiotics, supporting both practices and patients in usage awareness.


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Management of ED Utilization for Migraines

Migraines are a leading reason for avoidable ED visits. Resources and outreach programs were developed to provide support.


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New Program to Maximize Medication Benefits

New program identifies patients, provides support to physicians and patients to improve statin use and adherence.


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Reducing Risk with Medication

The pharmacy team was able to identify risk of a patient with hypertension, work with the patient’s physician to adjust care and change the patient’s success trajectory.


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miniVHAN Podcast

New Pharmacy Series

The five-episode series focuses on pharmacy’s role in care transformation, addressing rising prescriptions costs, health policy and pharmacy’s role in patient engagement.

Meet the Pharmacy Team

This group of experts helps patients find effective, affordable and safe medications—removing barriers to access and increasing patients’ understanding of their medications. Learn more about the team’s services in the adjacent video.

The referral service is available exclusively to VHAN Members looking to refer their patients for Care Management.

Care Management Success Story

“This patient really has faith in our program.
She’s been getting out of the house and having meals with her friends, and she is 110% better than when we first met—an absolute success story.”


Shanika Robinson  |  VHAN Care Navigator

FOCUS AREA: Quality and Clinical Program Development

Care Management

Why It Matters

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans living with chronic physical and mental health conditions account for 90% of the $3.3 trillion the U.S. spends each year on health care. The VHAN Care Management Program—staffed by a team of registered nurses, diabetes educators, social workers and pharmacists—supports VHAN practices by helping reduce readmissions, improving medication management and treating complex behavioral health conditions, all while keeping patient goals top of mind.

Diabetes Care Management

VHAN Care Management offers focused programs to help patients better manage their diabetes and meet their health goals. This includes ongoing support of patients with complex needs and diabetes as well as a dedicated 12-week “Living Well with Diabetes” program for patients with a new diagnosis or who could benefit from education and supplemental tools.


This program also offers VHAN Members:

Easy Patient Referrals

Digital Hub of Resources for Patients

Dedicated Care Navigators

Focus Area: Program Development

Managing Diabetes Amidst Tragedy

VHAN’s Care Management team makes a difference, even in the most challenging situations. After being stabilized and sent home from a hospital admission for hyperglycemia, a patient immediately suffered a tragic event that left her and her children without housing. Learn why the patient called the Care Management team “angels from heaven” for helping her let go of her fears and reclaim her life.

Focus Area: Quality and Clinical Program Development

Quality Improvement and Performance

Why It Matters

Everyone in a health care organization has a role to play as we monitor, assess and improve the standards of our work to achieve better outcomes, including improved patient safety and quality of life, and fewer adverse events and unnecessary hospital admissions. The dedication of VHAN members to continuously improve approaches to care have led to sustained and improved success in our network’s performance.

Success Stories

Our network achieved 100% performance on all Aetna Commercial quality measures in 2021. VHAN members also scored higher than Aetna’s Q4 national average on several measures, including:


  • • Breast cancer screening
  • • Colorectal cancer screening
  • • Well-child/pediatric visits in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth years of life
  • • Appropriate treatment for upper respiratory infection (URI)

Wellness Visits and Screenings

Our network has improved AWV completion rates and exceeded screening targets, driving better health for our patient population.

Erlanger Success Story

Erlanger Health System maximized reimbursements and delivered vital preventive care, all while prioritizing patient satisfaction.

Quality Attestations

Implemented across multiple payor contracts to achieve performance targets and earn shared savings

Improved Ratings

Many practices went from 3-star to 4- or 5-star ratings in the Medicare Advantage plan.

Engagement Rosters

Prioritized patient engagement rosters to aid in scheduling annual wellness visits.

Collaborative Action Plans

Drive improvement in cancer screening, wellness visits and diabetes-related quality measures, as well as initiatives related to our Connected Care ACOs.

VHAN Member Resources

Related to Quality and Clinical Program Development

VHAN Hub is available exclusively to network members. You must be a VHAN member and register for the Hub to gain access.

Migraine Journal for Patients

Members can view My Headache Journal on VHAN Hub.

Prescribing for Value Pocket Guide

Members can view the Pocket Guide on VHAN Hub.

VHAN Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Members can learn more on VHAN Hub Antibiotic Stewardship page.

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