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Member Perk: VHAN’s Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line 

VHAN’s Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line offers primary care providers a real-time phone consultation by a licensed clinical social worker to help manage patients’ mental health needs. Shannon Brown, LCSW, answers some FAQs. to help members better understand this service.

Peds-to-Adult Transitions: 3 Steps You Can Take Today 

As young people graduate from high school and move into a new phase of early adulthood, it’s a good time to focus on moving these patients to adult care. Read the full article to get details on how VHAN’s Pediatric to Adult Transitions Quick Reference Guide can help your practice in this area.

5 VHAN Resources to Address Mental Health Concerns 

Between the increase in mental health diagnoses and a shortage of mental health specialists nationwide, primary care providers have taken on increased involvement in treatment mental health concerns. To help our members and patients navigate these issues, VHAN offers helping tools and resources.

Triumph Through Tragedy: How a Trio of Heroes Saved a Community Practice Following the Passing of a Physician Leader

Last year, VHAN member Brownsville Medical Clinic (BMC) in West Tennessee lost its founder and main provider with the passing of Jerald White, MD. If not for the efforts from a group of hometown heroes, the Brownsville community would have lost even more than a universally loved physician; the entire practice could have crumbled in the aftermath. Instead, something inspirational happened. Read the full story to learn how BMC kept its doors open and even improved their quality performance in the process.

VHAN’s RN Care Navigators Coordinate Caregiver Support to Improve Patient Experience

When a fragile relative returns home after a hospital stay, family members may be left to provide care they don’t have the experience to deliver, leading to physical and emotional distress. This was the case for a wife who didn’t understand how to manage her husband’s complex needs. VHAN RN Care Navigator Martha Merry stepped in with empathy and expertise. “She was in tears,” Merry says. “The first thing I told her was, ‘We’re going to help you. We are going to figure this out and I’m here for you.’” Read the full story to learn how the VHAN Care Navigation team assisted this family.

On the Road to Heart Health: How One VHAN Pharmacist Used a Patient’s Love for Motorcycles to Rev Up His Medication Adherence

VHAN Clinical Pharmacist Lyndi Tarr knows how important it is to speak a patient’s language and relate to them as an individual. Recently, Tarr put this truth into practice when she veered off the usual path to help a patient who was struggling with medication adherence following a lengthy hospitalization.

Read the full story to learn how Lyndi tapped into a patient’s personal interests to help him understand his medications and improve his adherence.

Tips for Prescribing Insulin to Prevent Problems at the Pharmacy

Every January, many health plans change their preferred insulin products on their formularies, creating confusion and frustration for patients, prescribers and pharmacies. A few simple strategies can help make this shift more efficient for providers and patients. Read the full article to learn how you can tweak your prescribing practices to reduce delays and ensure your patients get the medications they need.

Tools to Address Cancer Screening Rates at Your Practice 

Studies show that cancer screenings have declined since the pandemic disrupted health care in 2020, and they haven’t yet returned to pre-pandemic levels. Unfortunately, this will cause fewer cases of cancer and other serious illnesses to be caught early, likely creating sicker patients in the long run. VHAN has tools and resources available to help members increase cancer screening rates and educate patients about their importance.

State Program Available to Train Community Health Workers

In 2023, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing received a $3 million Health Resources and Services Administration grant to create a certification and training program for CHWs in Tennessee. The initiative, formed in partnership with the Tennessee Community Health Worker Association and Rural Health Association of Tennessee, is called the Community Health Worker Training Program of Tennessee (CHWTPT). Read the full article to learn more about how you can participate.

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