About Us

High-quality health care in the right place, at the right time, at the right cost.

It’s possible with the Vanderbilt Health Affiliated Network.

Our network is an innovative alliance between doctors, health systems, national insurers, and people like you. We are focused delivering great health care that keeps communities healthy and costs low.

When your choose care from our network as part of your health plan, you’re getting the power of a network committed to quality and value. All providers in our network must meet and maintain stringent quality standards, and we offer convenient care options across Tennessee and surrounding states. Find a provider today.

We partner with national insurance carriers to offer quality care to more than 150,000 people across Tennessee. Our network offers high quality doctors, hospitals, and personalized health resources that support can your employees’ long-term health. Learn more.

Our collaborative network empowers your practice with support and resources to help you adapt to regulatory and market changes while providing efficient and effective care. We can help you control costs and meet or exceed quality standards while preserving your independence. See how you’ll benefit.

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Quick Facts

  • Our network includes more than 4,800 physicians and other health care providers.
  • 12 health systems and more than 50 hospitals participate in our network.
  • We have a proven track record of quality performance for 3 years and counting.