Beyond the miniVHAN: More Resources on Behavioral Health

The behavioral health crisis impacts all ages, from children to seniors, with three-quarters of all mental illness in the United States manifesting by age 24. A new series of the miniVHAN podcast features experts discussing behavioral health across the lifespan, featuring such topics as depression, anxiety, neurodiversity, trauma and grief. Visit and subscribe to the email list to receive notifications when new episodes drop.

For further help on any of these topics, check out these relevant articles from My Vanderbilt Health, which offers guidance on healthy living from health care experts.


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Depression and Anxiety 

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Talking with your child about their mental health 

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Why ADHD sometimes isn’t diagnosed until adulthood 

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Processing trauma, and your body’s response to it 

When to seek mental health help for your child after a traumatic event 

How communities help children heal from traumatic events 


Don’t sweep feelings of grief under the rug 

Using art to celebrate life 

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