On the Hub: Behavioral Health Tools for Young Patients

Returning to school can cause some children and teens anxiety, stress and depression. As young patients return to school next month, be prepared to offer them and their caregivers behavioral health support. VHAN offers tools for VHAN providers and helpful information for pediatric patients and their families, including:

For Providers

  • Community resource lists: VHAN has compiled resource lists for 15 communities across Tennessee. Visit the Behavioral Health page on VHAN Hub and look in the Pediatric Community Resources box.
  • Pediatric Behavioral Health Consult Line: If you have a pediatric patient in your practice experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties and you are uncertain how to help, members can call VHAN’s Pediatric Behavioral Consult Line at (615) 205-9367 for a real-time consultation with a licensed clinical social worker.
  • Pediatric Behavioral Health Resources: VHAN Hub also houses dozens of resources related to pediatric ADHD, anxiety and challenging behaviors, all of which can crop up early in a new school year. Visit the Behavioral Health page and look in the Pediatric Behavioral Health Resources section to access dozens of helpful tools.

For Patients

Through the Well Moment program VHAN hosts free quarterly webinars to educate patients and caregivers on a variety of topics, including behavioral health. All Well Moment sessions are free to the community. Below you’ll find Well Moment sessions on key topics facing pediatric patients:

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