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VHAN’s RN Care Navigators Coordinate Caregiver Support to Improve Patient Experience

When a fragile relative returns home after a hospital stay, family members may be left to provide care they don’t have the experience to deliver, leading to physical and emotional distress. This was the case for a wife who didn’t understand how to manage her husband’s complex needs. VHAN RN Care Navigator Martha Merry stepped in with empathy and expertise. “She was in tears,” Merry says. “The first thing I told her was, ‘We’re going to help you. We are going to figure this out and I’m here for you.’” Read the full story to learn how the VHAN Care Navigation team assisted this family.

On the Road to Heart Health: How One VHAN Pharmacist Used a Patient’s Love for Motorcycles to Rev Up His Medication Adherence

VHAN Clinical Pharmacist Lyndi Tarr knows how important it is to speak a patient’s language and relate to them as an individual. Recently, Tarr put this truth into practice when she veered off the usual path to help a patient who was struggling with medication adherence following a lengthy hospitalization.

Read the full story to learn how Lyndi tapped into a patient’s personal interests to help him understand his medications and improve his adherence.

VHAN Social Worker Provides Medication Coordination to Improve Patient Care

As manager of the VHAN Social Work team, social worker Cate Mart and her team members regularly check on patients after a hospital stay, whether they have transitioned home or to a rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility. These social workers provide an added layer of support to ensure the patient can manage their care outside of the hospital. While it’s a regular part of Mart’s job, a recent call was not so routine. Read the full story to learn more.

VHAN Adult Behavioral Health Consult Line Connects New Mother to Vital Mental Health Care

When a new mom arrived for her first postpartum checkup, both her nurse and physician noticed that she seemed listless, depressed and strangely detached from her newborn. When the young mother expressed suicidal thoughts, the team recognized a severe case of postpartum depression and took action immediately. Under different circumstances, the doctor might have recommended visiting a local emergency room, but a call to VHAN’s Adult Behavioral Health Consultation line led to an alternative, and possibly lifesaving, approach.  

VHAN Social Work Team Supports Patients at Every Stage of Life

VHAN social worker Amber Colbert often supports Medicare patients who have been hospitalized and then moved to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). Sometimes these patients face difficult end-of-life choices. A recent case illustrated the vital role a social worker plays in this process and how collaboration between the social worker and other team members can ease pain and give patients greater comfort and a sense of peace.

Social Worker Supports Caregiver Through Husband’s Long-Term Care and Beyond

In her job as a VHAN social worker, Amber Colbert has helped countless patients make the transition from hospital to a skilled nursing facility. Typically, Colbert works with Medicare patients 65 or older, monitoring their health care journey and helping them find the right facility when needed. That experience served her well in her care for an Alzheimer’s patient and his caregiver wife. Read the full story to learn how VHAN social workers help patients and their families at every stage of life.

VHAN Spotlight: Meet Mary Brooks

While VHAN Social Worker Mary Brooks has worked on dozens of memorable cases, a recent experience with one particular patient stuck with her. The patient was discharged from the hospital with an open wound and a significant recovery ahead. Unfortunately, when she arrived home, she found that her air conditioning was no longer working in the middle of a heat wave in West Tennessee. Read the full story to learn how Mary found a way to get the air conditioning fixed and built trust with her patient.

Pediatric Patient’s Caregivers Receive Support From VHAN Care Management Team

While caregivers make a significant difference in the lives of patients, the hard work and dedication of caregiving can take a serious toll. The many-pronged tensions of caregiving are illustrated by a young parent who recently gave birth to a female with Down syndrome. Read the full article to learn how VHAN’s Care Management team worked with the parent to ease her anxiety and connect her to childcare resources.

VHAN Social Worker Advocates for Patient’s End-of-Life Care Decisions

Many who have cared for a loved one at the end of their life understand the role social workers can play in helping patients and families make their way through a stressful and emotionally charged time. Providing social work services for palliative and hospice care can be extra challenging, but for VHAN social worker team manager Cate Mart, LCSW, the connections she establishes with patients and their families make her job gratifying and worthwhile. Read the full article to learn how Cate helped one family make important end-of-life decisions.

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