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VHAN Diabetes Team Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Pilot Program

The VHAN diabetes team continues to make telehealth more personal, particularly in the area of remote patient monitoring (RPM).

VHAN’s Transitions of Care Team Assists With Medication Adherence

VHAN’s multidisciplinary team of pharmacy experts includes Ashley Sigg, a Transitional Care Management Pharmacist who offers medication reconciliation and support for 30 days after a patient’s hospital discharge.

VHAN Hub Hall of Fame: Most Popular Content in 2020

This year, VHAN members have downloaded 882 PDFs and viewed nearly 30,000 pages on the Hub. The most popular items included telehealth guides.

VHAN Pharmacy Team Offers Support and Guidance to Boost Medication Adherence

Since 2015, VHAN’s multidisciplinary team of pharmacy experts has offered members assistance in improving medication adherence.

6 Tips to Help Reduce Patient Medication Costs

Many patients struggle with affording medications, which can reduce medication adherence. To help patients decrease costs without sacrificing important medications, read the following tips from the VHAN pharmacy team.

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