VHAN Key Aim

Behavioral Health

Our vision is to improve members’ ability to address the lack of awareness and stigma associated with childhood mental illness. We accomplish this aim by equipping our pediatricians with behavioral health support. 

Behavioral Health

“I found the VHAN consult line has helped me greatly, especially with accessing behavioral health care. The consult line has also been very helpful when I need to speak with the psychiatrist about the less straightforward cases.” 

Dr. Michael Ladd, Green Hills Pediatrics

What VHAN Is Doing

Meeting patients and providers where they are is part of what drives the network vision. In 2020, mental and behavioral health became an even bigger issue in our region and worldwide due to the global pandemic. VHAN worked directly with practices to facilitate and provide support for members, non-members and patients in the region and beyond. 

Provider Consult Line

Calls help providers prescribe medications for patients who can’t wait, and shorten long wait times by providing psychiatric evaluations to patients. 

Provider Support Sessions

Sessions with clinical psychiatrist Meg Benningfield, MD, give pediatricians a place to ask clinical questions or seek personal assistance. 

1,500+ Consultation Calls

540+ Medication Consultations

30+ Psychiatric Evaluations

Shorter Wait for Pediatric Mental Health Care

Consult Line No. 1 VHAN Benefit for Pediatricians

Provider Support Sessions

This year, providers have asked for guidance on patient medications and shared concerns over missed opportunities with patients. 

Providers offered each other advice to address common problems such as lack of time and opportunity in patient appointments to address behavioral health concerns. Some advised on best practices for extending appointment times to meet each patient’s individual needs. Together, we navigated the rough waters of 2020 and 2021, trying to minimize burnout and maximize patient care. 

The True Value

“We feel so much more at ease,” said Alex’s mom following their latest consult.

“It’s nice to know we are not alone. We have settled into a wonderful routine, and Alex is getting exactly what he needs. You can feel so lost when things get off track. We are grateful for all the support. It’s good to know Alex is going to be okay.”

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