VHAN Key Aim

Medication Management

Our vision is to improve the health of the population and decrease the total cost of care by ensuring each medication is indicated, effective, safe and accessible.

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What VHAN Is Doing

In 2020, the VHAN Pharmacy Team worked with approximately 1,400 patients to optimize medications for chronic disease management, transitions of care and polypharmacy. Strategies and successes included the following:

Comprehensive Medication Management

Working with patients to assess their medications to ensure they are indicated, safe, effective and accessible at a reasonable cost

Therapeutic Alternatives Program (TAP)

Decreasing utilization of high-cost, low-value medications to identify savings

Optimized Medications for 1,400 Patients

Identified $4 Million in Potential Savings With TAP

Created Analytics and Reporting Tools

Developed an Opportunity Estimator Tool

Conducted Medication Consults With Patients

The True Value

With the help of the network, Sarah’s A1c levels improved from 13.6% to 7.7%, her chronic pain and fatigue is greatly reduced, and she has not been to the emergency room for an avoidable visit. 

Sarah is a 70-year-old former nurse living in rural Tennessee. Struggling to manage complex medical conditions while fighting through impaired cognition and memory loss, Sarah had become a frequent flier at the hospital and had two tackleboxes full of medications.

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